CCS Padding-inline and Flexbox Gap Problem

CSS Padding
CSS Padding

Day 190

The Problem

Today I was having issues with the padding-inline and the gap property for flexbox… both properties were hitting and missing on different devices.

I'd say I spent 2 hours trying to debug this quirk messing around with SASS. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't find a way to make these properties work across all browsers and devices - even though 'can I' clearly stated both properties had been implemented into the browsers I was interested in. Strange.

What absolutely didn't make sense to me was on my iPhone 12. The site was rendering just fine, but on my friends iPhone 11 - padding-inline and the flex gap properties were not taking effect; the site just looked a mess. The images below will show you what I mean.

blog main image good vs bad padding

To make things worse, I had run out of minutes on '' (virtual mobile testing), which allowed me to debug the devices my site was not rendering on as expected, such as an iPhone 11.

Also, Chrome, Firefox and Safari dev tools on my own machine, a Macbook Pro, weren't helpful as it rendered my site as expected across various screen sizes.

So there I was. Completely stuck. Since I couldn't debug the issue, I asked all my web dev friends what my website looked like on their mobile devices. Which didn't help.

The Solution

I got rid of both properties.

I'm sure there is just a gap in my knowledge, and more debugging would have solved why those properties were not working as expected.

So, in the end, I turned my navigation into a grid and used a column gap. And for the container of the individual articles page (I haven't got a before image to show you how bad it looked), I just used regular padding.

I placed individual padding properties on the elements that needed it to get the same effect as padding-inline. Which puts padding on several elements within the container simultaneously, depending on how the code is written.

I plan to go back to this bug and find a real solution to why these properties were not working on my site as expected.

And that was it. Job done.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please comment below. Until next time...stay enthusiastic about coding!

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