11ty (Eleventy) Blog Website Complete!

ayo adesanya blog website
ayo adesanya blog website

Day 192

11ty Blog Website Complete!

I did it! I finally got my blog to a standard I'm happy to show off to the world. This 4-day journey had a few twists and turns that had me sweating, but it was well worth it.

First things first, I really need to thank the 11ty discord for all the help those great devs provided me with; when I got stuck figuring out how static generators work and what 'templating' using Nunjucks was all about.

Nunjucks is a templating language that helps create HTML static pages, so you don't have to repeat code you've already written.

ayo adesanya Nunjucks

If you have a 10-page website, you don't want to rewrite the same navbar code on every single page, do you? That's where templating comes in handy! With Nunjucks or any other templating language, you only have to write the code once, and it will generate the code for all the other 9 pages automatically. And thank you to Kevin Powell for his 11ty videos on his YouTube channel that helped me get this project going!

Sure, there are ways this site could be improved, and if you dive into the code, it could probably be done more efficiently too. But for a first attempt at making a blog website with a static site generator (11ty), a technology I had no prior experience with, I'm really thrilled with the result.

The mission was to create a space where I will be documenting my journey towards my first web development job, sharing any tips and tricks I pick up along the way. And I did that.

Main features of the blog

1. Three featured blog posts on the home page that are dynamically updated.

2. All posts page - All posts listed from newest to oldest with a ten post pagination rule.

3. Tag Page - All posts listed by tag from newest to oldest for a better user experience with a 25 post pagination rule.

Features to implement in the future

1. Search bar

2. A backend database to store all blogs.

If you have any feedback or comments, please leave them below. Until next time, have a great one!

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